The great Ochocinco as a Miami Dolphin

What a great new add-on for the Miami Dolphins. Picking up Chad Ochocinco for a one-year, $925,000 deal. He can double that through incentives (to just over $2 million) but those incentives are steep. He’ll have to catch at least 80 balls with the Tannehill Dolphins to make much in extras, and there’s no guarantee he’ll make the team. But Numero Ochocinco should be loving it in Miami seeing it is his hometown, plus hardknocks on HBO is with Miami so he can get as much attention as he wants, and he can ease attention off the other players and coaches that don’t really much care for it. This move will also help the dolphins out alot. With the hurting wideout spot Ochocinco should be the new numero uno easily and help the young wideouts with his veteran experience.